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TV Mom Debuts New Talk Show

By Jennie Montgomery   Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? After some 20-plus years anchoring the evening news, I am in the early stages of a brand new challenge in my career:  hosting my own weekly talk show. But it’s a lot more than sitting on a couch talking to guests!   My role is also executive producer, which pretty much means I’m responsible for everything associated with what you see on the TV screen and in our various social media platforms.  It’s the best lesson in patience I’ve had in a long time. Learning...

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Pest Control Please

By Jennie Montgomery   The call came on Saturday, July 16th at 7:50 p.m. It was the call we had been dreading. The call we knew inevitably would. Scott put down his phone and gave me the news: Maddy had come face-to-face with her first spider. Her first spider—her first big bug, in fact—in the first place she’s ever lived by herself. Just one of the pitfalls of living alone, she no doubt was thinking. I listened as Scott explained that NO, he couldn’t drive the four hours to get to her place. He tried to talk her through...

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Laundromat Logic

By Jennie Montgomery   Sky Baby is having the most adventurous summer. She’s working as a counselor at a Methodist camp near the North Carolina coast. She’s learned a lot about wildlife (frogs, snakes and seagulls)…and laundry. She was warned by veteran camp counselors that washing her clothes on site would turn them brown so she drives to a laundromat in the nearby town every week to do a load or two. Now, Sky’s exposure to laundromats is pretty much limited to the washers and dryers in the basement of her college dorm. Taking her clothes to a free-standing...

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TV Time Machine

By Jennie Montgomery   Seems like every day my inbox is flooded with messages from Groupon. Usually I just delete without evening opening but one day the subject line was just interesting enough that I opened it.  The special sale that day was for digital transfers—you know, taking old home movie tapes and transferring them to DVDs. Best money I’ve spent in years! I hadn’t told the family about it, so they had no idea what was up when I called everyone to the den late one evening. “Does anybody recognize this?” I asked. It was a video of...

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Tell Me Later…Please!

By Jennie Montgomery   Beach towels? Check. Sunscreen? Check. Common sense? Nowhere to be found. My college senior and two of her friends were packing for their Spring Break trip to Miami. They seemed so organized and independent- it was clear they didn’t need my help at all. Me: “Let me get you a bottle of aloe. ”Maddy: “Already have it packed.” Me: “I’ll find the good beach chairs out in the garage.” Marissa: “We’ve already found them, thanks.” Shrugging my shoulders I left the room and then it hit me: “Maddy, don’t forget your Triple-A card! Does anybody...

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