Life gave us some BIG lemons, and, boy, are the moms out there making some sweet lemonade. Quarantine has stretched us in ways we did not know we could bend. It expanded our job description and, overnight, millions of mothers added homeschool teacher to their resumes. Many had to juggle multiple children (and their various website logins and passwords!) in different grades and schools. One minute we were nurturing our children, the next we raced to meet grown-up deadlines. Whether working outside the home in essential jobs or figuring out how to work from home with the children, none of it was easy! 

But moms always find a way to make life beautiful amidst the chaos. When the world came to a screeching halt, suddenly more opportunities emerged to spend time as a family. It has been a joy to see how families are gathering together while coping with this crisis.

Months ago, I shared my heart on my baby girl going off to kindergarten. I wasn’t ready to “let her grow up.” Julia Reynolds had a fabulous year with amazing teachers she adores. She learned to read and write, and many other life lessons from kindergarten. Her last two months of school were spent at “Mommy Kindergarten”, as we called it, along with some taxing transitions for mom and student. However, they say children are resilient. They say they bounce back.

In last August’s article, I wrote about the kindergarten experience: I know Julia Reynolds will have a handful of earlier memories, but it’s crazy to think this will be a year that will go into her forever memory bank.

I believe that 2020 will weave some good moments into the rich tapestry of childhood we all share. While parents are wondering what will become of our world, I would like to think our children are thinking about the next snuggle, or bike ride or recess. And for the older kids, when can I take a study break and get back in my bed?

This pandemic is a thief. It has stolen birthday parties, weddings, even funerals. It affected high school and college commencements for students who worked so hard. It wiped out kindergarten graduation.

But you know what? Coronavirus has given some things, too. It has afforded us time. It has made families figure out how to be together. We have played and picnicked, sheltered and loved. And, though we share this weird love/hate relationship with the pandemic, there is an appreciation for the universe pressing the pause button. It is as if God shook our collective shoulders and forced us to slow down. It is, oh, so painful, but things were quickly put in perspective.

A lesson I learned is that life is unpredictable. So, for the future, I choose to remember and treasure every present moment. I will find beauty in a small girl’s reluctance to hurry up and get in the car and be on time for school. I will savor a meal together, a conversation at the grocery store, a hug.

  That is the point, right? We are looking for the silver lining in the now. Life dealt us a humongous lemon and we can choose to squeeze every ounce of lemonade possible. So, keep squeezing. Keep hugging. And keep agreeing with other moms out there that we got this!

After twelve years in local news, most recently as evening anchor of NBC 26, Paige Tucker is now a work-at-home mom and freelance journalist. She produces two series for NBC 26 TV, First Responders and 26 Women Today, and you can see those stories on Tuesday nights. Paige and her husband have one daughter, Julia Reynolds, who is five years old.

Photo by Lukas from Pexels

This article appears in the July 2020 issue of Augusta Family Magazine.
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