“So… Mom…. I want to go back to my OLD school next year”

…and off we go…

LeScoot and I talk about his school often. He’s having some difficulty adjusting to the change. I mean… EVERYTHING is different from his previous schools: the way the students are evaluated, the way they handle discipline (very hands-off in approach) and the way they lead in teaching soft skills. And of course, we are adjusting, as well. As I stated in my last column, this is a challenge, and I usually embrace all things change. We’re still working through this one. I’ll keep you posted.

In other news, Scoot started the afterschool program at the Jessye Norman School of the Arts last month. I was hoping that he would choose visual art or podcasting, but he chose photography. He never misses an opportunity to tell me that he’d rather be playing basketball, and I always thank him for the information. He has said he wants to be a YouTuber, but honestly, he can’t hold onto his phone privileges long enough to make any strides (you didn’t hear that from me, but it’s typical 11 year-old stuff).

Our daughter, Ryanne, had an amazing wedding ceremony last October. And our son, Chris is getting married this October… on Halloween. How exciting is that?! Honestly, I thought he was joking when he told me. So, I said I was going to come dressed as the Empress of Cool (yes, it’s a real thing). He was not impressed.   

And speaking of change, our family is moving again this fall. This means I have to renounce my throne as Da Mayor of Morgan Road and find some other people to harass about barking dogs, littering and abandoned vehicles. We’re moving to a completely different commission and school district, which thwarts my plan of achieving world domination, one neighborhood at a time. Bossman loves that it’s on a quiet street. LeScoot loves that he can have his own man cave. And I love that we can now have chickens, and enough room to plant more Brussels sprouts than I can eat. (I’ll be sure to invite you guys over to share.)

Lastly, since we are prepping to pack up and move across town, here’s a Twitter throwback from February 2019:

“There’s that moment when you pull the sofa away from the wall and discover ALL of the Valentine’s and Halloween candy wrappers… along with ALL of the damn socks, random loose change and several Boomwhackers.

@SayWhatScooter is gonna get it!”

Karen Gordon is a singer, songwriter and the founder of Garden City Jazz. She works with the City of Augusta to present the Candlelight Jazz Concert Series each year and has partnered with RCBOE to develop interactive courses such as Taking Notes: Jazz & The American Story and Jazz4Kids.

This article appears in the March 2020 issue of Augusta Family Magazine. Did you like what you read here?