I performed more in May than I have all year, so I’m taking a break until fall. The #DreamTeam will still host #GardenCityJazz and Pop-Up Augusta events, and we’ll still do the #bookmusicgigs thing.

But KG & THE SUNSHINE BAND (aka KG & Friends) is gonna chill for a sec, so that KG can explore some new & different-err… options.

What ARE those options exactly? Glad you asked. They are including, but not limited to the following…

• Spending time with family

• Homeschooling @SayWhatScooter

• Launching an exploratory committee (for my campaign for political office)

• Taking a sabbatical from church

• Traveling the world and the seven seas

• Writing a book (WITH LeScoot & Jamil)

• Taking the fam out in an RV and living off tips from coffeehouse gigs

• Building a campsite and artists’ retreat in South Augusta

• Hosting a #CoolKidz day camp

• Celebrating my 50th birthday and embracing my mid-life crisis

• Enrolling in culinary school

• Preparing to celebrate with my adult children – two weddings & two birthdays in October, (asking myself repeatedly who thought that was a good idea)

• Enrolling in the MPA program at Augusta University

• Moving to Athens…or Asheville

Who knows? But….whasonEVA we do…We are ready for adventure.


Karen Gordon is a singer, songwriter and the founder of Garden City Jazz. She works with the City of Augusta to present the Candlelight Jazz Concert Series each year and has partnered with RCBOE to develop interactive courses such as Taking Notes: Jazz & The American Story and Jazz4Kids.

This article appears in the June/July 2019 issue of Augusta Family Magazine.
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