By Jonah Winter, Pete Oswald (illustrator)


“In these days of fake news and lies masquerading as truth, comes a read-aloud to prove the truth is out there, just waiting to be discovered.”

(From The Sad Little Fact review on


Telling the truth sometimes gets you in trouble. In this book, the sad little fact who told the truth gets locked up by authorities. But he soon discovers other “facts” who also were punished. It’s a sad story when you tell the truth but no one seems to believe you. The sad little fact knows this all too well. However, with the help of the others like him, they gather together and make an escape to bring truth back into the world. They ultimately learn that spreading the truth is needed and it is something that can’t be denied.

Called a modern-day Aesop, Winter’s combines wit, humor and whimsy into a parable of the importance of telling the truth. Coupled with the award-winning illustrations of Pete Oswald (from The Good Egg), this children’s picture book is a great read or gift for someone young in your life.

Aimee Serafin, editor of the Augusta Family Magazine.