By Jennie Montgomery


Seems like every day my inbox is flooded with messages from Groupon. Usually I just delete without evening opening but one day the subject line was just interesting enough that I opened it. 

The special sale that day was for digital transfers—you know, taking old home movie tapes and transferring them to DVDs.

Best money I’ve spent in years!

I hadn’t told the family about it, so they had no idea what was up when I called everyone to the den late one evening.

“Does anybody recognize this?” I asked.

It was a video of Maddy’s 3rd birthday party! 

“I remember that Barbie!” Maddy squealed as we stared at the TV and watched her opening a pile of presents. 

“There’s Courtney! And Miss Sherrie! Is that Pat Patterson?”

And there was this shocker: Scott had hair back in the day!

“DAD!” both girls gasped. “WHAT are you wearing?” as he paraded down the sidewalk pushing a baby stroller, wearing a pair of shorts with one orange leg, the other leg white. Even he had no explanation for that fashion faux pas.   

“Those earrings!” both girls were nearly rolling on the floor at this point. My gosh, what was hanging from my earlobes? 

“She bit me!” Sky shouted, pointing to the television. 

We played it back and indeed the evidence was captured on camera: Scott was holding little Sky Baby like an airplane and Maddy’s head popped in front of the lens…where she proceeded to lean in and bite the baby’s arm. We roared! We could even hear big brother Zack shouting off-camera, “Maddy bit Sky! Maddy bit Sky!”

Next, we heard my voice off-camera: “Madison, NO!” (You knew there was trouble when we called out her full name, “MADISON!”)

We fast-forwarded through other birthdays and Christmas mornings and fun times at the pool. The girls loved seeing and hearing themselves as toddlers. Suddenly a flash across the screen was yelling, “It’s Merry Christmas day, Merry Christmas day, Mommy!” 

It was Zack, wearing a cape and flinging a plastic sword, running from a sister wearing little red boots!

“Hey!” his little voice suddenly filled with tears: “Maddy bit me!

This article appears in the July 2016 issue of Augusta Family Magazine.
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