By Jennie Montgomery


Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

After some 20-plus years anchoring the evening news, I am in the early stages of a brand new challenge in my career:  hosting my own weekly talk show.

But it’s a lot more than sitting on a couch talking to guests!  

My role is also executive producer, which pretty much means I’m responsible for everything associated with what you see on the TV screen and in our various social media platforms. 

It’s the best lesson in patience I’ve had in a long time. Learning new technical skills is a challenge for me. I have to do it myself to remember it. Kinda like getting frustrated with one of the four remotes it takes to watch television these days—my husband just takes them away and zips to Menu then Game then Netflix, or whatever—but that leaves me not knowing how to watch my binge shows when he isn’t home!

Anyway, I am getting off-topic. Back to the challenge of my new show… 

We’ve talked about doing a women’s show for several years, largely because of this monthly Mom2Mom column, but the timing never was quite right. Now I understand, in the big scheme of things, what that timing was all about: getting to the empty-nester stage in my life.

When my children were growing up and I had all the responsibilities associated with running a household, I never would have been able to make the time to do this. Something would have suffered—either my work or my children. 

At this point, I can spend as much time researching and editing as I need to, without feeling guilty. (Sorry, Scott!)

I’m also spending many, many hours reading blogs and publications like Augusta Family Magazine, looking at subjects that matter to women. There are so many important issues that need more that a two-minute story on the nightly newscast.  

That’s where you come in! Please email me any story ideas you’d like to see us discuss, or let me know about women who are doing amazing or unusual things in our neighborhoods.  I’d also encourage you to follow our Facebook page, Jennie Montgomery WJBF.

Hope you’ll join me for JENNIE, every Tuesday afternoon at 12:30 on WJBF NewsChannel 6.

This article appears in the October 2016 issue of Augusta Family Magazine.
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