It is not uncommon every August for Facebook posts of children heading off to school to start popping up on parent and grandparent feeds, signaling the start of another year. It seems the beginning of the school year has become a common time for families to snap photos of young students entering a new grade and growing into bigger-sized shoes.

The young years hold important markers for the passing of time such as “the firsts”, “the bests”, “the most fun” and “the lasts”, to mention a few. And while the past year was unprecedented in many ways, it is comforting to know that old and new memories can be preserved in unique and personalized ways to be showcased in the future. One of these ways is the Gibbs Smith FAMtastic memory book. The fill-in-the-blank book is a creative and fun collection of family memories that are personalized by everyone in the family. Parents and children can fill in the blanks for categories like:

  • Who sleeps the most
  • The pickiest eater
  • The best memories of the current year
  • Who has the worst hair days or quirkiest clothes
  • Whose cooking is the scariest
  • Superpowers, iconic moments, song trends and more

The company offers several fill-in-the-blank keepsake books. Some are for specific events or times of the year like getting married or Thanksgiving, while others celebrate the everyday moments of life. They are fun ways to engage with family or special persons in your life and make some memories to keep.

Let’s turn the page into the new academic year, and in doing so, let’s continue to count and keep the family memories!

Photo by Aimee Serafin