Find out what the labor laws are in your state (there are restrictions on how many hours teenagers can work and what type of work they are allowed to do) Make sure you have the appropriate documentation to work. Find a job that is flexible and is willing to accommodate your hours.

Best Jobs for Younger Teens (14&15 year-olds)

• Animal Shelter Volunteer
• Assistant to Freelance Writer, Designer or Programmer
• Babysitter/Nanny
• Baseball Umpire for Little League
• Busser
• Camp Counselor in Training
• Car Wash Attendant
• Concession Worker
• Dishwasher
• Dog Walker
• Garden/Nursery Center Assistant
• Greeter
• Grocery Bagger
• Kennel Assistant
• Lawnmower
• Leaf Remover
• Lifeguard
• Marketing Intern
• Movie Theater Employee
• Music Teacher for Beginners
• Pet Sitter
• Referee for Beginner Soccer, Basketball or Football
• Restaurant Host/Hostess
• Stock Retail Clerk
• Swim Instructor for Beginners
• Tutor
• YouTube Content Creator

Tips for Communicating with Your Teen

Validate their feelings
Show trust
Don’t be a dictator
Show praise
Control your emotions
Do things together
Share regular meals
Be observant