Roost Books has published a delightfully colorful, educational and fun book to serve as an instrument to learn science, Tiny Dino Worlds: Create Your Own Prehistoric Habitats by Christine Bayles Kortsch. Tino Dino Worlds is a project-based book that teaches kids to explore the world of dinosaurs while learning about science. There are 26 kid-friendly projects like erupting volcanic terrariums, DYI coprolites (dinosaur poop!), fossil impressions using homemade modeling clay, dinosaur ice eggs and leaf hunt and gratitude trees. The book explains dinosaur timelines and periods, common land formations, rock formations, and notable sites with each section including weird, fun facts about dinosaurs. It is divided into informative chapters containing classification, identifiers and hands-on projects to dive deeper into understanding the chapter’s specific information. A great guide for kids ages four to ten, Tiny Dino Worlds: Create Your Own Prehistoric Habitats is on sale March 10, 2020, paperback, $21.95.

“Tiny Dino Worlds brings dinosaurs back down to Earth, providing powerful hands-on learning experiences that embed these ancient animals within familiar-looking habitats. Imagine if children had the tools to recreate their very own dinosaur worlds. Well, now they do!” — Scott D. Sampson, PhD, Executive Director of California Academy of Sciences, Host & Science Advisor of PBS Kids’ Dinosaur Train

Photos courtesy of Roost Books, from Tiny Dino Worlds

Aimee Serafin, editor of the Augusta Family Magazine.