How long did it take the chicken to cross the road? Well, for this chicken, it took way longer than it should have. I was late in visiting Frog Hollow’s most recent take on farm-fresh hospitality. Opened in 2019, Frog and the Hen is in Martinez located on Flowing Wells Road. When I finally got the chance to go there a few weeks ago, all my taste buds could say was,

“Oh, my my!”

This modern farm-style market and eatery H.I.T.S the spot! Seriously, ya’ll. It is GOOD, and it plants a flag at the top of juicy southern cuisine.

The open dining room hosts spacious wooden tabletops, an airy wide-length bar and a corner “special selects” market including refrigerated takeout menu items, regional jams & jellies, cold-press juices, beer and wine. Boasting all-natural antibiotic and hormone-free chicken from Joyce Farms the restaurant serves savory dishes like chicken pot pie, chicken and waffles, chicken biscuits, BBQ and fried chicken sandwiches and healthy salads. For appetizers, guests can relish the honey butter biscuits, pimento cheese samplers, fries and gravy and even country-crisp ham deviled eggs.

Two  of the best treats currently offered—  especially for busy parents and office workers—are the Family Meal Deals and the Business Boxed Lunches. The ease of picking up a healthy, juicy dinner that feeds a family of four has its benefits: sanity for one, and ease for another in this season of life. The deal comes with one protein choice (whole chicken, 8-piece fried or Wildcard Wednesday pickings via Instagram @frogandthehen) and two family-sized sides. Biscuits and a gallon of tea are included. Office parties or groups can order boxed lunches from main menu selections, $12, delivered within 5 miles for free (orders of 5 or more).

The dinner bell is ringing at Frog and the Hen, so, don’t be late to supper!

Open daily 11am – 9pm, closed Sundays and Mondays. 706.755.2767. Outdoor seating available.