Saira Smith is 16 and a junior at Cross Creek High School. She enjoys spending time with her friends and family. Along with her affections for her two younger brothers, Saira loves music of all genres, and art. She enjoys being creative in all forms of art. Participating in band class with friends has helped her form a personal appreciation and love for the art of music.

When did your interest in music start?
I have always liked music. As a young kid, I would create my own music after listening to songs by The Beatles. Today, I do the same thing when I listen to modern music. Listening to music when I was younger gave me a way to express myself creatively, so it stuck with me as I got older.

What do you enjoy most about playing the flute?
What I love about the flute is how beautiful and calming it sounds. I especially love how I connect with other people who come to watch me perform. Playing the flute has allowed me rare opportunities like playing with the best student musicians in the All County Band and a chance to play with a well-known marching band known as Famu. My most favorite thing about it is that it led me to meet my closest friends. 

How do you envision your future in music?
I would like to use music to help others with disabilities and mental conditions. Music has helped me get through many personal difficulties and challenges. I feel I can relate to others who may find music helpful in the same way. That is why I am interested in Musical Therapy. I like helping others. So, I want to use the two things I enjoy most to help me accomplish my goals. 

How do you think music could help the world?
I feel that music can bring people together. Music is an escape for many people. It also has no race or gender boundary lines. It is something that everyone can relate to. It’s one of the few things in the world that is timeless, and it has the power to bring us together by enjoying it.

What is challenging about learning to play an instrument?
One of the challenges that I have with learning is that it takes a unique focus and lots of practice. When I started learning, I was struggling with timing and execution of my breathing and hitting the correct key notes. With practice, I’ve gotten a lot better! The other challenge is that I have a bad habit of comparing myself to others and feel that I will never be as good. Now, instead, I try to focus on my personal growth from day to day, which has helped me along the way.