De’Anya Ezahni Bell is a senior at Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School. She has been studying dance for twelve years, receiving training in ballet, jazz, tap, flamenco, hip-hop and musical theatre. Currently, Bell concentrates on the modern dance technique as a student and assistant to Sharon Skepple Mayfield at Skepple Mayfield Dance in Augusta, Georgia.

De’Anya Bell is featured in The Modern Perspective of Augusta Family’s 2020 February issue. To read the full interview online, visit


What do you hope to communicate to others through your dance performances?
I want to make my audiences feel what they cannot verbally communicate. That is what dance is for me as it allows me to tap into parts of myself that are not reached in everyday life. I hope that my unreachable attributes speak to that of my audiences. To feel is to prove that one is truly living. If I can make that happen for another, I am truly fulfilling an artist’s purpose.

Whom do you admire most in the dance world and why?
I view my mentor, Sharon Skepple Mayfield, as an adviser who educates by way of example and provides guidance in the realization of one’s true self and attainment of who one aspires to be. Along her journey, she made countless sacrifices and continues to do so today. She bestows on her students the same discipline and selfless ardor conferred to her as a young woman. Experience is a superior mentoring approach; hers is a veracious testament of the outturn hard work and determination has on one’s life. With her presence in my life, I am confident I will instill an outstanding impact on others’ lives the way she has. By carrying on her legacy, I will inadvertently create my own.

Aimee Serafin, editor of the Augusta Family Magazine.