The Fourth Trimester
A guide about supporting women through the postpartum transition after having a new baby


“In all my years as an OB/GYN, I never once met a woman who was able to get by the initiation of labor and birth and focus on the critical postpartum time frame­– a time which is largely ignored in our culture. No– we tend to focus on the birth– and if mom and baby make it through in a reasonably healthy way, we figure we’re done. Not even close. In this eye-opening and vital book, all those who care about women, children, and families will find a treasure trove of information and practices that are vital for the health of society. I highly recommend this book.”

Christine Northrup, MD, OB/GYN physician and author of several New York Times bestsellers.



Though conversations are slowly changing in our world about the delicate transition through postpartum, there remains a large focus on the pregnancy and birthing stages. Kimberly Ann Johnson, author of The Fourth Trimester, highlights the growing importance of paying attention to the time directly after the birth of a newborn and how critical support is needed for moms to manage this transition. Our Western culture tends to breeze over the ongoing physical, emotional and psychological needs of women to heal, rest and repair during postpartum. In Johnson’s book, she incorporates mindfulness practices, communication and connection exercises for mom and partner, exercises to help restore the pelvic core after birth and exploring sexuality in ways that feel right and new as ways to promote awareness about this topic. She also gives practical advice like waiting at least six months to engage in activities that involve running or jumping.


In addition to the book, the author has created The Fourth Trimester Cards that provide daily support, inspiration and wisdom for new mothers. There are 52 cards color-coded and organized by themes of nourishment, body, mind, relationship and inspiration. From advice on how to ask for something you need to writing yourself a letter about the changes you are experiencing to easy snacks and recipes for postpartum healing, the cards are resources to encourage new moms every day through the transition.


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Aimee Serafin, editor of the Augusta Family Magazine.