By Aimee Serafin • Photo by Alexander Schimmeck


Georgia’s First STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) competition is returning to Augusta this week! STEAMIFY is a competition where students grades 4 – 8 showcase their creative skills in the areas of aeronautical engineering, dance, engineering, spoken word, theater, visual arts, debate and rocketry. This collaborative event includes teams of students across the state Georgia from private and public schools, homeschools, and clubs like Scouts and the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. The competition, consisting of a long problem and a spontaneous problem, promotes the understanding of using what is learned throughout the solution process and applying it to the context of daily living. Registration for teams opened on May 1, 2019, and closed September 15th. Teachers and student teams have been busy working on the long problem prior to the competition to be held this Saturday at Augusta University. They will bring their prepared answers to the campus that day along with hundreds of others presenting. Each team will be given a spontaneous problem to work on the spot at the competition that is judged on quick-thinking, teamwork and creativity. The spontaneous problem portion counts 20% and the long problem counts 80% of the team’s overall score. The event lasts all day and teams consist of 2 to 7 students along with a teacher. In case you see young students converging on Summerville’s campus this Saturday, you’ll know why!

Aimee Serafin, editor of the Augusta Family Magazine.