By Elana Koehler

As your baby grows into a toddler, there are so many things they outgrow: shoes, outfits, little blankets and more. Mother of three, Lindsay Mullenger, wanted to find a keepsake box to store these special items, but could not find one that fit the bill. That is how Petite Keep was born. Petite Keep offers beautiful keepsake boxes that can be used to both store and display important items as your child grows up. These keepsake boxes when closed appear to be beautiful trunks, and they can be customized with different initials, colors or linings. They start at $229. 

Having keepsake boxes like these allows you to cherish important mementos, as well as to hold onto them for your child until they get older. Then, your child will be able to look back on these items and even keep them for their own children. Petite Keep keepsake boxes could also be a great gift for weddings or graduations. Visit the website today at

Photos courtesy of Petite Keep