This month I thought is best to dig deep into the @saywhatscooter archives. There are quite a few gems here and I’m sure you will enjoy. This is only a portion of his brilliance so maybe there will be more later. All can be found at his alter ego’s twitter page @saywhatscooter.

24 January 2018

One night.

Mommy: Ok Scoot, time for your bath.

10 minutes later.

@SayWhatScooter: Mom, guess what? Georgia gave me a bath so now I only have to wash my other parts.

11 September 2017

One Friday morning on the way to school.

@SayWhatScooter: Hey Mom, if I hear a word that I’ve never heard before and it sounds like a bad word then I’m not going to repeat it. I’m just going to ask you because you know a lot of bad words. You’re like a bad word computer, kind of like Google.”

6 July 2017

@Say What Scooter has been at Grandma’s since this morning. Now, he’s calling me every three seconds and wanting to talk. Guess why?

A. He is bored.

B. The battery in his tablet is dead.

C. He can’t find the charger.

D. So, he’s ready to come home.

E. But, NO!

17 March 2017

Early one morning.

Mommy: Hey, you have to wear something green today.

@SayWhatScooter: But, why?

Mommy: Because it’s St. Patrick’s Day and if you don’t then someone will pinch you.

@SayWhatScooter: Oh, I’m not worried. Pinching is inappropriate at my school.

Mommy: Well, ok then. #gladheclearedthatup

22 August 2016

@SayWhatScooter: Hey Daddy, guess what I learned? If you have just one itty bitty color and then all of a sudden you mix it with another color on accident, or if you have a yellow and you mix it with a little bit of pink then you can still get orange. Did you know that?

Daddy: No, I did not.

@SayWhatScooter: Wow! Daddy, I thought you were smarter than me. #LeScoot #2nd grade.

11 July 2015

@SayWhatScooter: Hey Mommy, remember when Edwin got married?

Mommy: Yeah! You were in the wedding.

@SayWhatScooter: No, I didn’t marry him but I was there.

2 August 2015

Pop Quiz: Which of the following did @SayWhatScooter say when Mommy asked him why Buddy’s paws were covered in blue magic marker ink?

A. Huh?

B. Where?

C. Not me!

D. I don’t know HOW he got it.

E. All of the above.

Karen Gordon is a singer, songwriter and the founder of Garden City Jazz. She works with the City of Augusta to present the Candlelight Jazz Concert Series each year and has partnered with RCBOE to develop interactive courses such as Taking Notes: Jazz & The American Story and Jazz4Kids.

This article appears in the April 2019 issue of Augusta Family Magazine.
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