Anyone can dive into the wonder of reading with young children and here are two book reviews to help you get started.

Return by Aaron Becker
Ages: 4 – 8

Described as one of three books in a wordless trilogy, Return by Aaron Becker, is an intriguing example of how to engage the art of imagination by removing words entirely from the script. Yes, that is right, the book contains no text. Return is a picture book created from beautiful illustrations that allow readers to engage personally with the story of what is happening. The inside cover contains a brief description of the characters and plot so readers understand how to jump into the journey of the author’s renderings, however, it leaves out all the best information so they can fill in the gaps with their imaginations. Whimsical and alight with adventure, Return is the final book of a three-part series entitled the Journey Trilogy. The first book in the series garnered the author a Caldecott Honor Award. These books are a perfect gift for the imaginative child.

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Take Care by Dr. Laura Hamill and Jolene Cramer
Ages: 2 – 5

“This book is a reminder for parents and kids alike about the power of care,” says author Dr. Laura Hamill. Dr. Hamill knows parents have a lot to learn when it comes to modeling care in the workplace. She reminds us through the lessons in Take Care that the simple golden rule about how to treat one another is often spoken in the home but not always practiced in the workplace.

In Take Care, Louise discovers that a simple rule she learned at school isn’t being followed at her mom’s work and she wonders why. Readers are reminded through the story that the simplest rules are not always the easiest rules to follow, and that care is a powerful approach we all benefit from. Take Care is the story about the power of care for children and adults alike that lays the groundwork for how important it is to continue to treat one another with care throughout our personal and professional lives. “Our goal is to get kids and parents together thinking about the importance of care in all aspects of life,” says Dr. Hamill.