By Jennie Montgomery


The call came on Saturday, July 16th at 7:50 p.m.

It was the call we had been dreading. The call we knew inevitably would. Scott put down his phone and gave me the news: Maddy had come face-to-face with her first spider.

Her first spider—her first big bug, in fact—in the first place she’s ever lived by herself. Just one of the pitfalls of living alone, she no doubt was thinking.

I listened as Scott explained that NO, he couldn’t drive the four hours to get to her place. He tried to talk her through the process of getting old Itsy Bitsy out of her bathroom. He told her to get a broom, or to trap it in a cup. She would have none of it. 

“But it’s really big” she explained, “too big to rinse down the drain!” 

I told her to spray it with hairspray to slow it down. (Who will call me out first? PETA people or exterminators? It’s just a handy can in most women’s bathrooms!)

So a few minutes later Maddy reported that she had indeed been able to trap the spider and get it out of her house. Now she was worried about other critters that she may have to take on as she enters into the brave new world of Young Career Woman Living on Her Own.

We had tried to talk her into getting a roommate. She would have someone to split the bills and it wouldn’t be as lonely for her. Nope, our girl is fiercely independent and she wants to go it alone.

A few days later I got a text from Maddy. One of her sorority sisters was thinking about taking a job nearby. As if it were her idea in the first place, Maddy Moe gave me a list of all the pros of having as roommate: She would save money, she would have company, they already knew each other, for Heaven’s sake.

“What do you think, Mom?”

That’s easy! Mom thinks there’s nothing like a spider.

This article appears in the September 2016 issue of Augusta Family Magazine.
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