Lick your lips juicy…That is what the folks at Gurosik’s Berry Plantation will tell you about their fresh strawberries. Located at 345 Briggs Road in North Augusta, the family farm is a lead producer of strawberries and hybrid blackberries in the area. The carved-out dirt paths between the strawberry groves hold deeply hued crimson berries that are only twice-handled. They say that is why their fruit has an exceptional taste and flavor, compared to the nine or ten times that berries in local grocery stores are handled before getting in the hands of customers. They call it the “farm fresh” difference! Other fun finds like hanging baskets, local honey and fruit bread and fritters are part of the experience when you visit Gurosik’s farms. Note: only cash or checks accepted, and they recommend always calling before coming out to make sure of the crop availability, 803.278.0594.

Strawberry season: April through July 4
Hybrid Blackberry season: Late May through July 4

$2/per bucket but some over-filling charges may apply, see website for details.
Offerings at the farm include:
Fresh Peaches
U-pick Flowers
Strawbunions (Gurosik’s onion)
Lettuce, spinach
Local honey

Photo by Randy Pace