Strongest welcomes, only daughter of the Thomas family.

Biggest supporter to younger brother Gavin, stronger than anyone.

The storm fighter of the saddest storm.

Talented survivor, I shall show you my battles.

The way to happiness. The way to love. The way to fulfillment.

I began the climb of a mighty mountain not too long ago, starting from the base of sadness, the fog consuming my thoughts.

After endless days of picking myself up over and over again, I fell back to the bottom.

I had to find a better way.

I learned to love my greatest temple, I would strengthen my marked mind.

Not seeing the light or the greatness yet to come.

I stumbled. I crawled. I got damaged.

I fought the deepest downs, hiding the saddest smile, fighting my hated heart.

I was blinded from the highest highs and the happiest heart.

I was the note finder, I was the word chaser, I was the defibrillator.

Some may down my greatest solo, but I know my talent and manipulation of music.

Not as smart as the geniuses though time will tell the greatness of a strong liver.

I stand today on top of my struggles with a glowing mind, heart of love, ready for any storm.

Depression, anxiety, sleepless nights.

The daily downs will never make me time lapse to the past.

I breathe for one thing and one thing only

To fight the battles, and be a warrior.

A senior at Greenbrier High School, Jordan explains “this piece of poetry is about how I fight an everyday battle with mental health. It is also about how I use my talents, including writing and playing music, to strengthen my mind so I can continue fighting my battle”.