By Jennie Montgomery


It was a quiet Saturday night in a quaint mountain town, not far from my daughter’s college campus at the Georgia/N.C. state line.

Maddy, her roommate and I were “window shopping” at the closed storefronts around the town square as we waited for a table in the downtown restaurant.

We heard some commotion two stores up. Two little girls were in awe of something inside the glass. We heard a high-pitched voice loudly gasp, “It’s God!”

That piqued our interest! As soon as the little girls moved along, Maddy and Kelsey walked up and looked inside. Hanging right in the middle of the window was a big stained glass angel. “God,” we guessed.

Walking back to the restaurant we heard more squeals and laughter coming from those little girls. They were excited about everything…but NOTHING could have prepared their unsuspecting parents for what happened next.

Our table was in the middle of the small restaurant; family with little girls was to my right—and to my left, two booths down, was a man who strongly resembled a jolly old elf, just waking up from a long winter’s nap!

It wasn’t long before those little girls spotted the bearded man with white hair and a red shirt. A high-pitched voice again gasped, and proclaimed, “IT’S SANTA CLAUS!”

I could see the parents nodding and smiling, trying to quiet their girls. Every few minutes, though, a little head would turn to sneak a peek at “Santa,” followed by squeals and giggles.

After a while, “Santa” stood up. He made his way over to the little girls who were, no doubt, having an unforgettable dinner. (God AND Santa in the same night? That’s flat overwhelming!)

The girls were giddy! They assured “Santa” they were being good and minding their parents. He promised lots of surprises.

People were snapping pictures of this sweet little magical moment when, as if in a movie, the keyboard player softly broke into “Here comes Santa Claus…” There wasn’t a dry eye in the place.

As “Santa” headed back to his booth, everyone started clapping! Before he sat down he turned to the crowd, winked, and gave us a big “Ho! Ho! Ho!”

Thank you, Mountain Santa Man, for the great blessing of sharing special moments with those you love.

This article appears in the December – January 2016 issue of Augusta Family Magazine.
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