Sky Poole is a junior at Lakeside High School and our Modern Perspective student feature this month! She is a ballet student with Colton Ballet Company and enjoys her two dogs, one cat and baking in her free time. We caught up with Sky in July and had a chance to ask her a few questions for the August/September Modern Perspective. Below are some of her additional thoughts regarding her training as a classical ballet dancer.

 Are there other styles of dance that have helped your classical ballet training?
Outside of ballet classes at Colton, I danced competitively at Kane and Company Dance Productions for two years where I took classes in contemporary and jazz. These classes helped me develop expression through dance rather than focusing purely on ballet technique. In addition, I have taken modern classes with Skepple-Mayfield Dance Company and have greatly benefited from them. Ms. Mayfield’s classes have strengthened my body and taught me how to dance outside of the box. I particularly enjoy Ms. Mayfield’s summer intensives!

How do you compare ballet training to other disciplines or sports?
All art forms have the same goal: to convey emotion in a specific way. Ballet is just like music, visual arts, and writing in this aspect. However, what makes it distinct is that there are athletic components involved as well. It has a difficult training regime similar to popular sports such as track, football, and soccer, but the difference is that artistry is involved.

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Photos provided by Sky Poole