By Jennie Montgomery


“Zack, please come back!”

It was the third time we’d called our son/resident I.T. guy into our room to help us troubleshoot the Apple TV.  

“Really, guys?” I could hear him thinking. Patience isn’t one of his gifts… and he was clearly running out of what little he had when it came to technology and his folks.

We’re in the midst of our annual rush to see the top Oscar-nominated films before the Academy Awards, and it’s getting easier and cheaper because we can watch many of them now without even leaving the house. Well, we COULD watch them from home if we figure out the connection problem!

“So Mom, when you were a kid you couldn’t rent movies? You mean you could only see them in a theater?”

“Right. And when we got the first double theater it was really cool because you only paid once to get in—you could watch one movie and then go into the other theater and watch the second movie.”
(I didn’t mention that way back in the day our parents would just drop us off on a Saturday morning and give us money for popcorn and coke!)

“Not even VCR’s?”

“Nope. But we had one channel on cable that ran old movies.”

I watched him think about that for a moment. Zack really likes movies and sees himself having a career in film making. This stuff is really important to him.

“You couldn’t just go get a movie and watch it? Well, this explains so much,” he reasoned.

Exactly WHAT it explained he didn’t elaborate, but at least he didn’t push the issue any further by asking if I remembered when movies went from black and white to color!

(And no, I didn’t point out that the season’s biggest blockbuster was about those fifty shades in between!)

JENNIE Montgomery anchors the evening news at WJBF-TV. She and her husband, Scott, have three children: Zack, 21, Maddy, 20, and Sky, 19.

This article appears in the March 2015 issue of Augusta Family Magazine.
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