By Jennie Montgomery


One of my favorite appliances is my stand mixer. I do not bake often but when I do, I always remember why I have that mixer in the first place:  because of an old Valentine’s Day  injury that appeared way worse than it really was. Sky and I recently got a good laugh about it as we baked a special cake over the holidays. “You scared us to death, Mom,” she laughed.

Everything had been going pretty well that particular morning as I assembled my batter for a lovely Valentine’s Day cake, pretty well that is until I added the food coloring. Steadying my electric mixer in one hand, I used the other to scoop out the gel and plop it in the batter. One little bit wouldn’t slide off the spoon so I eased the mixer over to scrape the gel off with a beater.

VERY, VERY BAD IDEA! In less than a second, the beater caught the tip of the spoon and pulled the spoon along with my hand into the center of the two spinning beaters. I kept my cool and yanked the cord from the outlet but started screaming bloody murder when I saw my fingers caught between the blades. I could not pry the beaters off my hand and the eject button was useless. My girls were first on the scene and as I  turned around to face them, they both burst into tears.

Scott ran in next and when I held out my arm, blender attached to the hand, the color instantly drained from his face. I sobbed, “I can’t get my hand out. My fingers are stuck” so in one of Scott’s all time shining moments, he calmly told the girls to get wet rags. He gently started untangling my fingers from the beaters and freed me within a minute. I couldn’t believe it but my hand wasn’t cut at all.

After the crying subsided and we were able to laugh a little, my family let me in on a secret: they were flat horrified when they saw me standing in the kitchen. You see, they didn’t know that I was making a RED VELVET cake. When I turned around and they saw all that red batter spattered everywhere, well, you can guess what they thought!

This article appears in the February 2017 issue of Augusta Family Magazine.
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