By Karin Calloway


I have a baby book for both of my children that highlights milestones—their first steps, first words and so much more. They’re young adults now, but the milestones haven’t stopped.

The photo above depicts a milestone for our daughter, CC, as she was presented as a debutante during the 51st Augusta Symphony Guild Cotillion last November. Yes, our artsy tomboy is also a debutante. It was a special night for the families of the 27 young ladies who were presented and also a wonderful fundraiser for Symphony Orchestra Augusta.

Our son, Tripp, has a big milestone coming up on December 18. He’s graduating from the University of Georgia and on top of that he has a job! He’s set to begin his insurance sales career in Atlanta on February 1.

The turning of each New Year represents an opportunity for each of us to aspire to milestones of our own—whether our goal is to get healthy and fit, bring sanity to our family lives, control the clutter or one of the plethora of resolutions made this time of year. This issue can help you with all three of these goals, with feature articles by Dustin Turner (page 22) and Mary Ashton Mills (page 28) as well as a Healthy and Fit in 2016 guide on page 26. All great food for thought, even if you’re a non-resolution maker like me.

We have set a few goals of our own for the New Year here at Augusta Family Magazine. These include a bit of tweaking to the design, the addition of a new “Raising Readers” column by Meredith Flory and two additions to our News&Notes section—a Getaways section by Mary Ashton Mills and a “Mom’s Minute” section which will offer ideas for moms to de-stress, be pampered and unwind. Look for these to begin appearing in our February issue.

Wishing you and yours a happy holiday season and blessed New Year!

Until February,


Karin Calloway is a wife and mother of two. She’s also a journalist and recipe developer who writes the Wednesday cooking column for The Augusta Chronicle. Watch Karin prepare her recipes on WJBF NewsChannel 6 on Tuesdays during Mid-Day and Wednesdays during Good Morning Augusta.

This article appears in the December – January 2016 issue of Augusta Family Magazine.
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