Raising Readers writer Meredith Flory focused her March article on reading stories that instill a love of music in our children. She cites children’s books that transport readers to the theater through musical recordings, biographies of musicians and famous composers, and authors that introduce children to instruments, genres of music and basic music theory. March is Music in Our Schools Month and the perfect time to explore new books that draw children toward the beauty of music. If you haven’t read Meredith’s feature yet, you can at www.augustafamilymagazine.com. You will get all her great recommendations for starting your child down the path of understanding and appreciating music during the month of March.

Online excerpt from Meredith Flory, the author of For the Love of Music and Reading, Augusta Family magazine March, 2020

 As the spouse of a former music teacher and professional pianist, I assumed my husband would want our children to learn piano. Instead, when our daughter started showing a love of classic rock music along with air drumming, he purchased a drum set and lessons for her fifth birthday. He points out that any instrument can teach basic music theory, so it’s better to allow a child to pursue an instrument that they will enjoy. Consider letting young kids explore different instruments by attending music-related Artrageous events at the Morris Museum of Art. Our family loved the symphony zoo! The North Augusta Family Arts Council also does an outdoor concert series that is great for exposing children to different musical styles.

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