Cammie Jones, our Smart Mom’s Guide contributor, wrote an informative feature for February’s birthday issue of Augusta Family Magazine now on stands. In it, she outlines etiquette for birthday parties, invitation guidelines and paying attention to the details of timing. Below, Cammie provides our newsletter readers with an additional exclusive tidbit, especially valuable for those whose children have December birthdays!

You can read Cammie’s original article online here:

My middle daughter, Curry, has a tough-time-of-year birthday— December 30th. I am either really “on it” for her big day, or the morning of you can find me at the local toy store panicking about what to get for her. If you are in the Christmas Baby Moms’ Club, you understand that combining birthday and Christmas gifts won’t cut it. A Yule log birthday cake is just not right! So, I have made it a goal to make the days following Christmas all about Curry. I am determined to put away all holiday decorations quickly after Christmas so that our family can focus on Curry. One special thing about her birthday falling on December 30th is that it coincided often with UGA Bowl Games. Back when the Georgia Bulldogs weren’t as competitive, they played a lot of pre-New Year’s Day bowls. In fact, Curry was born the day before the Sugar Bowl in 2002! We have used this fun event to throw Curry Georgia-themed birthday celebrations complete with the black and red UGA cookie cake as we watched the Dawg’s play some football. Curry loved being able to celebrate her birthday in such a unique and fun way. Nowadays, it’s no wonder she is such a huge ‘Dawg fan!

Here’s a link to an article about Christmas birthdays that is quite entertaining!


Photo by Marqquin, Unsplash

Cammie Jones, contributor of the Augusta Family Magazine.