By Naimah Shaw

Lynndale Inc. began operations in the Augusta community in 1952 and was the brainchild of several parents who saw a need to advocate for their children by providing an establishment that would offer educational and social services to children with developmental disabilities. As legislation passed that protected and empowered people with disabilities, Lynndale Inc. developed new programs to meet the needs of not only children but also adults. Offering a compassionate environment and a safe haven, Lynndale Inc. is also a community support service governed by a board of directors, accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) and contracted with the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Development Disabilities. (GA DBHDD).

Services Provided

Programs are offered on campus and in the community to individuals 18 years of age and older. Currently, there are approximately 200 individuals enrolled and services are provided to individuals under the supervision of a Direct Care Service Provider or a Job Coach. Training is tailored to the needs and desires of the individual, along with input from the family and caregivers. Training is offered in adult living skills, leisure and recreational skills, social skills, safety skills and community integration. Individuals can also receive hands on work experience via pre-vocational and employment training.  Examples include the on site greenhouse, a furniture refinishing shop, a van washing program, as well as a job placement program. Lynndale Inc. also participates in Special Olympics which provides year round sports training and athletic completion in a variety of sports.

Job Opportunities on Campus

Along with the greenhouse, furniture refinishing program and van washing services, there is a brand new tie dye shop and a painting studio where everyone can fully engaged, use their talents while fulfilling their own monetary needs.

Community Access For Everyone

One on one interaction is provided for everyone with the goal of giving equal opportunities. Individuals are taken one at a time to an activity of their choice to enjoy movies, parks, musical shows, eating out and shopping.

Community Access Group

Forming relationships and maintaining fellowship is important to Lynndale Inc.’s missions so everyone has the opportunity to go out together as a group which fosters the opportunity for socialization and community integration. The group votes on which activity they would like to enjoy that particular day.

Community Job Placement

Under the leadership of a job coach, mostly everyone is allowed to work off campus. They are usually trained by the company that provides employment so they are aware of the rules and regulations of the organization. Some popular local employers are Walmart, Cracker Barrel, Burger King and Fort Gordon.

Community Partnerships

Partnerships with local companies provide various opportunities for everyone such as free classes provided by the Morris Museum of Art. Some organizations providing community partnerships also provide donations to Lynndale.

Leisure/ Recreation Activities

There are yearly activities and everyone is able to engage in The Spring Fling, fair, game days, special olympics, the computer lab and the bazaar where everyone is able to sell their hand made products and receive the profit from these sales.

Socialization Skills

Opportunties to perfect social skills inside and outside of the campus is always encouraged. Opportunities are provided on an individual, group and community basis.  On campus, there is a computer lab, kitchen as well as an outdoor pavilion where all can gather and the pavillion has fans to keep individuals cool while socializing.

Safety Skills

Mandatory classes are provided to Lynndale to teach everyone the protocol of staying safe during fires, hurricanes, extreme heat conditions and how to recognize signs of dehydration.

Adult Living Skills

There are ongoing classes for hygiene, nutrition, money skills, infection control and social graces.  A weekly Bible study is attended by many and a monthly calendar is sent home with all the activities listed so families can see what is being held each day.

Senior Room/Relaxation Station

This is mostly for seniors enrolled at Lynndale where everyone is able to relax in a comfortable space in the company of others while watching television, listening to music or being a participant in an age appropriate activity.

The Lynndale team firmly believes that with the right support in place, everyone can lead full and productive lives. Their goal is to provide the most effective and appropriate services possible to individuals with ongoing needs. For more information or for a campus tour, a representative would love to meet you at their Augusta location located at 1490 Eisenhower Dr., Augusta 30904 or via telephone number 706-738-3395. You can also visit their website for more information at,


This article appears in the October 2018 issue of Augusta Family Magazine.
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