As we hope for summer months to get a little more normal around town, we anticipate local organizations holding summer camps. Augusta Family contributor, Cammie Jones, did a little research on whether your child is ready for summer camp this year. She discovered a website from the author, Audrey Monke, who wrote the book 9 Summer Camp Secrets for Raising Kids Who Become Thriving Adults. Monke’s website has some valuable, home-spun podcasts that we found helpful:


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Should I make my child go to camp?
Audrey Monke, author of “Should I Make My Kid Go To Camp?” ( uses this chart to determine the answer.

She goes on to say it’s not really that simple, but the main idea is that if both you and your child tend to have anxiety, the answer is no. Any other combination, and the answer is yes. Finally, if you are a confident parent with a confident kid, all lights are green. You’re just one of the lucky ones who does not need to lose sleep over this decision. For more insight into this age-old dilemma go to


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