I imagine Augusta’s roads buzzing with cars throughout the summer months and inside those whirring vehicles are, most likely, hungry kids. The Pizza Joint in Evans is conveniently located on Washington Road so drivers can fill empty stomachs with a variety of pizzas in a family-friendly spot. Since 1996, the restaurant boasts fresh ingredients and dough made from scratch daily. They also mix their marinara and pizza sauce on site.

They make their food fresh to order— a motto the company built their business on— and their pizzas are cooked on a traditional brick oven. Customers can build individual pies from the base up, including toppings from three different categories: cheeses, vegetables and proteins. Specialty pies have a wide range of postmodern pizza ingredients like pineapple, jerk chicken, blue cheese, pesto, roasted red potatoes, tomatoes and pickles. The pie names (Tree Hugger, Mediterranean, Jimmy Pesto, Baked Potato Pie, Hippie Heaven, etc.) lend to the fun, eclectic and relaxed atmosphere found inside the restaurant. As crusts have become a certain paradigm of American pizza regions, the Pizza Joint works hard to make sure customers from around the States feel welcome with offerings like Sicilian, Grandma, Detroit and New York pizza crust bases. 

Check the website for times, menus, locations and prices, www.thepizzajoint.net/. Or call for more info: 706-447-4992.

“If you can’t make everyone happy… go get pizza!”

This article appears in the May/June 2020 issue of Augusta Family Magazine.
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