What is fresh, frozen and comes from the Meadows? Frozen Custard.

There is a new frozen custard shop in Grovetown called The Meadows Original Custard and Espresso Café and their motto is “Move over, ice cream!” Custard shop owners, Bethann and Brandon Goller, believe in the caliber of their frozen custard. That is why in early May 2019 they opened their shop on Gateway Center Boulevard. Their loyal dedication played out in their kids’ first years of life, as they made certain each one’s first taste of ice cream was frozen custard from the Meadows! The two worked through college at their hometown Pennsylvania Meadows, frequenting it even after they moved on to different jobs. Today, they remain some of the franchises’ most committed customers.

So, what’s all the fuss? Well, according to frozen cream connoisseurs, there is a big difference in ice cream and frozen custard. Firstly, the consistency hits the perfect balance between regular scoop ice cream and soft-serve; its silky texture is hard to beat. Also, there is one single difference in ingredients that create its smooth texture: egg yolks. The yolks act as emulsifiers. Without them, the cream would crystallize.

But, according to the website, the main reason the creamy goodness is so rich has to do with the “overrun”, or air content. Typical soft-serve, hard ice cream or frozen yogurt can sometimes have 100% overrun, or air pumped into the product that causes it to double in size leaving most of the flavor “deflating” as it enters the mouth. Not Meadow’s frozen custard! Its staying power, never exceeding 20% overrun, leaves the tongue tasting buttery richness and asking for more.

If you’re on the hunt for a tasty birthday party venue, look to the Meadows. They have 3 unique party packages: Doll & Me Party, Creative Paint Party and DIY Party. All pricing includes custard flavors of choice, use of the shop space, decorations, set up, clean up and water or lemonade at no additional cost. Flavors of the day and complete menu can be found online at: www.meadowsofgrovetown.com.

As the spring days start warming up, make sure to take a trip with the family to the Meadows Original Custard and Espresso Café in Grovetown and experience the difference of frozen custard for yourselves!

This article appears in the March 2020 issue of Augusta Family Magazine. Did you like what you read here?