By Karin Calloway


Kelley Norris43, is a pediatric pharmacist at the Children’s Hospital of Georgia. She and her husband, Matthew, an engineer, have three children ages 12, 11 and 10, as well as a Standard Poodle named Max, a Calico cat named Fleming and a neighborhood cat they feed, whom they call Tiger. She is a youth leader at Church of the Good Shepherd and leads a team for Friends of Frances, an organization that raises awareness for those with special needs or rare diseases.

What quality do you most admire the most? Loyalty.

What’s your favorite food? Roasted broccoli or a Green Jacket salad.

Dream vacation? A trip to Italy.

Favorite place to take the kids? Folly Beach.

Is there an important life lesson you’ve learned? Having gratitude changes your perspective on life. Not only does it allow you to appreciate all the blessings in this life, it helps you overcome adversity and be successful in difficult situations.

What would surprise people about you? Despite that I work with large groups of people, I am actually an introvert.

Best thing about being a mom? Seeing the lessons that you teach your children play out in their actions.  

Hardest part about being a mom? Seeing my children deal with disappointment or heartache is one of the hardest thing a mother has to do.

Favorite indulgence? Pizza.

What was you first job? Babysitting

Whom do you admire the most? I am surrounded with wonderful friends who I admire.  Ashley Brown is one of them.  She is a wonderful mother and selfless friend.

Signature dish? Peanut brittle.

Are you a planner, a dreamer or a doer? Give us an example of why: I think of myself as a doer. While I do dream and also like to plan, when I get something in mind that I want to do I let very few things get in my way.   I don’t let the details of planning something stop me from actually getting it done. When I started Friends of Frances, I dreamed big about what it could be and just went with it. I am thankful for the people around me who pay attention to the details.   

Favorite subject in school? Math.

Greatest hope: I hope that I live my life to the fullest and inspire other people to do the same.

Biggest fear: Looking back on my life and having true regrets.

What are you reading right now? Four different books!

What inspires you? Seeing people live out their passions inspires me to do the same.

Favorite college football team: Auburn.

Song playing in your head: Something Beautiful by Needtobreathe.

This article appears in the May – June 2016 issue of Augusta Family Magazine.
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