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Balance and Coordination Exercises

Good balance is often taken for granted but from the time your kids are able to walk, helping them strengthen their physical ability to balance will improve their motor skills development, strengthen their sensory processes, aid in fluid body movement for physical skill performance and benefit their overall well being. Focusing on balance exercise, improves the body’s vestibular system which is centered in the inner ear. This is why an inner ear infection can often lead to a feeling of dizziness or imbalance. A properly functioning balance system allows humans to see clearly while moving, identify orientation with respect to gravity, determine direction and speed of movement and make automatic postural adjustments to maintain posture and stability in varous conditions and activities. Jumping, strengthening exercies (weight training, resistance bands, isometric muscle exercies, yoga and tai chi), hula hoop, balance beams, wheelbarrow racing and fitness balls are all balance and cooridnation exercises to help develop and maintain appropriate controlled body movement. For added benefit, do not look. Doing any of these exercises with your eyes closed will add more of a challenge and strengthen your child’s sense of balance and coordination.

This article appears in the April 2017 issue of Augusta Family Magazine.
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