I like ice cream because it is so sweet
and makes me energetic,
like the feeling of the cool breeze on my cheeks.
I like fall because there are two types of holidays in it!
Halloween because kids get to dress up
in their costumes and really feel like their character
and Thanksgiving because you get to sit at the table
and spend family time together with friends and family.
When I see horses it makes me want to ride them,
their mane and tail blowing free
as they gallop with such beauty and purpose
makes me feel alive.
I love my dogs because they are so silly and very loyal,
it is comfort in scary times.
I love my siblings
because they are loving and so fun
and to me they are home.
I like fall because the trees are a beautiful red and orange,
like what I imagine a beating heart to look like next to lungs.

Tabby Trapp, age 9, is fourth grade student at East Aiken School of the Arts. Tabby wrote a poem about the things she likes about the Thanksgiving season. 

Photo by Giftpundits.com from Pexels