By Aimee Serafin

Who can’t remember playing fort in the living room as a kid — moving kitchen chairs against the sides of sofas and covering them with all the blankets you could pull out of the hallway closet? Do you remember removing all the pillows from the beds and jumping like Buzz Light Year from one end of the room to the other on them? Indoor jungle gyms are as commonplace as Cookie Dough ice cream and Hershey bars in a kid’s world.

The folks at Shenanigans came up with a low-fuss fun way to build forts using foam blocks in different shapes and sizes. With the Figgy, inside forts can have different configurations and no sagging rooflines! Designed to grow with kids throughout multiple stages of life from crawling to fort-making to sleepovers, the Figgy ( helps foster a child’s ever-changing imagination and keeps up with their endless adventures. Some key features include:

  • Made with low-VOC CertiPUR foam pad inserts 
  • Uniformly thick foam pads to absorb jumps and impact landings
  • Features waterproof, machine-washable soft fabric liner and cover
  • Covered zippers to protect your child’s skin and your walls
  • Patent-pending Velcro connecting strips
  • Ideal tool for pediatric occupational therapy and sensory processing disorders

Retailing for $299, the Figgy is available in two signature colors, Grey and Navy Blue and sold exclusively on the Shenanigan Kids website ( 

Courtesy of Moderne Press
Photos courtesy of Shenanigans