By Renee Williams, Photo Credit: John Harpring

Pat Carpenter

Age:67, Parent Involvement Aide, married to Kenneth F. Carpenter, Sr., owner of Carpenter’s Tires & Auto, with two children Fran Gay, age 41 and Frank Carpenter, age 39. Pat has been a coach for North Augusta Park and Tourism for 36 years, a Sunday School teacher, a member of North Augusta City Council and the Cross Connection Bible Club.

One word you would use to describe yourself: Energetic.

If you could have any job, what would you choose? Teacher.

What quality do you most admire the most? Love for ALL people.

What’s your favorite food? Fried Chicken.

Dream vacation? Any Beach.

Favorite place to take the kids? Church.

If you had a super power, what would it be? Help anyone in need.

Favorite TV show: Cowboy Movies.

What did you want to be when you grew up? Teacher.

Hobbies? Coaching.

Is there an important life lesson you’ve learned? Yes, to treat people as you want to be treated.

What would surprise people about you?  I do coach for fun.

Best thing about being a mom? Kisses and hugs.

Hardest part about being a mom? Discipline.

Favorite indulgence? Coconut Cake.

What was you first job? St. Joseph. Hospital in Medical Records.

Whom do you admire the most? My LORD.

Signature dish? Fried Apple Pies.

Are you a planner, a dreamer or a doer?

Doer, I do things at last minute.Go with the flow.

Favorite subject in school? Psychology

Greatest hope: Peace and love all over the world.

Biggest fear: people suffering

What are you reading right now?  My Bible

What inspires you? Always giving your best, even if you not as good as others.

This article appears in the November 2017 issue of Augusta Family Magazine.
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