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Lena Taylor RECENTLY CELEBRATED THE BIG 3-0 and is enjoying a career as a realtor and entrepreneur in Augusta. She and her husband, Dr. Craig Taylor, have a two year-old son named Luke and an eight month old son named Zachary. The family has a Bull Mastiff named Deacon. If describing herself in one word, Lena would  call herself “driven” and if she could have any job in the world, she would choose to host an HGTV television show about renovating homes or investing in real estate.

What did you want to be when you grew up? I have always wanted to be a mom.

What’s your favorite food? Pizza, I’m Italian!

Hobbies: Coffee shops, CrossFit, Yoga, food, wine, travel and spending time with friends and family.

What are you reading right now? Women Who Work by Ivanka Trump.

What inspires you? Seeing other women go after their dreams.

Is there an important life lesson you’ve learned? I have learned that life is about our decisions and not our circumstances. You can not let anyone or anything define you. In order to fulfill our true purpose, we have to let go of limiting beliefs and insecurities about not being smart enough, experienced enough, pretty enough, etc. If you want something in life, you have to go after it.

What would surprise people about you? I did not have a picture perfect childhood. My mother, although beautiful, smart and kind, tragically battled an alcohol addiction for the majority of my life and we became estranged when I was 16. Unfortunately, she lost her battle with addiction in 2013. My mother’s addiction caused me to grow up rather quickly and take care of my younger siblings. As the child of an addict, there are many emotional and psychological challenges to overcome. I speak openly of this because I want other young girls who may find themselves in a similar situation to know that your circumstances do not have to define you. I truly believe that living through those tough years shaped the woman, wife and mother I am today.

Best thing about being a mom? Aside from the unconditional love I feel for my children, the best part of being a mom is getting to relive childhood. There is nothing better than watching my children’s eyes light up as they discover the world because it forces you to stop and take in just how amazing and magical the everyday world can be.

Hardest part about being a mom? Balance. I often struggle with how I can give my children the love, attention and time they need without losing a sense of who I am as a woman. There is an extreme amount of guilt that comes with being a mother, especially when we take time for ourselves.

Are you a planner, a dreamer or a doer? I am a combination of all three. The planner part of me is always looking ahead to what is coming next and anticipating potential pitfalls. The dreamer in me has her head in the clouds envisioning a life full of love, travel, financial freedom and dreaming big dreams like hosting my own show on HGTV. The doer in me is the most dominant in my everyday life and I’m constantly crossing items off the never ending to-do list. I try to make the most of my time when it comes to family, work, household chores, etc. My husband often says that I try to do too much and that I have a hard time sitting still.

Favorite Indulgence: The Red Velvet Delight Cake from Boll Weevil

Greatest Hope: A healthy and happy family

Favorite college football team: The Georgia Bulldogs- my Alma Mater.

This article appears in the July 2017 issue of Augusta Family Magazine.
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