By Renee Williams, Photo Credit: John Harpring

Kristi Connell, 44, is a local attorney married to attorney Scott Connell. The couple have three children, Charles, 14, Sam, 12 and Benji, 9. The family has a pet Schnauzer named Reggie. Kristi’s volunteer work and affiliations include Pop Warner Compliance Officer, Football Coach, Junior League Sustainer, Trinity on the Hill Lead Usher, Augusta Bar Association Member, Alternative Dispute Resolution Mediator and Mary Warren Home Foundation Board Member. Kristi’s greatest hope is to raise boys who grow up to create lives for themselves that make them fulfilled and happy. “I don’t know what that plan will look like for each of them because happiness and satisfaction take many different forms but whatever form it takes, I want it for each of them,” she says.

One word you would use to describe yourself: Dedicated.

If you could have any job, what would you choose? To be a missionary in a country completely off the grid.

What quality do you most admire the most? I admire people who possess the ability to communicate well, coupled with a willingness to do it respectfully. We as a society are losing the ability to communicate well with one another.

What’s your favorite food? Anything from Frog Hollow.

Dream vacation? An African Safari with my family.

Favorite place to take the kids? Any place that has no internet, televisions or cell phone service, alas…those places are hard to find. Otherwise, the beach or a good long family cruise.

If you had a super power, what would it be? To heal broken people.

Favorite TV show: Drunk History without the kids or Expedition Unknown with the kids.

What did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be an astronaut. I literally watched The Right Stuff about 100 times.

Hobbies? I exercise daily, run a youth football program year round, read, and shuttle my 3 boys to all their sporting events. I also practice law but that’s not really a hobby.

Is there an important life lesson you’ve learned? I’ve learned that it’s important to be humble in everything we do. I’ve also learned that there are some in this world who mistake humility for weakness so it’s also important to be able to bring it when you need to. I love the phrase, “Walk softly but carry a big stick.” I’ve also learned to stay away from drama and people who bathe in it. Drama is toxic and I want no part of it.

What would surprise people about you? It depends on how you know me. I play many different roles. If you know me as a lawyer, it would likely surprise you to know I’m a certified football coach who runs a youth football program. If you know me from our football program, it would surprise you to find me in a suit in a courtroom playing a lawyer. If you know me as that mom who is always holding the video camera on the sidelines of the soccer and baseball games, then neither of the other roles fit. And if you know me as the lead usher at church, then watching me get a little crazy during one of my kid’s football games might be slightly shocking. Playing multiple roles exposes me to very different people in very different ways and I enjoy moving in and out of each of the roles.

Best thing about being a mom? The best thing about being a mom is that time at the end of the day, when all my boys have had baths and they smell good and are tucked into bed, and I go in each of their rooms and tell them I love them, and they tell me right back. It doesn’t get any better than that.

This article appears in the April 2018 issue of Augusta Family Magazine.
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