Is your child interested in cities in other countries? Does he/she enjoy watching shows about other cultures or ones that have foreign language characters? Has your child ever wanted to watch a Disney movie in Spanish, French or Portuguese? Well, your child may have a desire to learn a new language. Researchers say that employers look to hire employees that know at least one other language. Speaking another language is a good way to get an advantage in a successful interview. Although adults have difficulty starting or learning a new language, most kids can pick up another language with ease. Today’s digital era has ushered in apps for learning all kinds of foreign languages. Mindsnacks is one that teaches French, German, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese or Spanish in an engaging and fun way. Geared for kids 11 years old and older, app users play interactive games while learning foreign language words or phrases. They can listen to correct pronunciations along with visual representations while they track their progress. The basic package is FREE but options go up to $17.99 for in-app upgrades.

Photo by Julia M. Cameron on Pexels