Where can you visit the Space Station, tour landmarks in the Nation’s Capital, explore marine biology and manufacture 3-D fractals in a mathematical world… all from the comforts of your computer zone at home? In MINECRAFT!

Minecraft, a building game with more than 90 million players each month, has made available for FREE through June 30 “Minecraft Challenges” in the Minecraft Marketplace online. The game has become an educational tool for teachers and students worldwide. In additional efforts to alleviate the effects of schooling from home due to COVID-19, the game manufacturers have also made available for free the “Minecraft: Education Edition” which contains specially designed educational activities.

Here are some of the educational experiences offered by the game:

  • International Space Station— kids can visit the space station and plan experiments.
  • Marine Biology Role Play— go underground in a submarine and explore the world of marine biology.
  • Washington, D.C.— tour well-known historical landmarks such as the White House, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial and the Pentagon.
  • Bees!— visit Beetown, USA
  • Olympus— learn about Greek mythology.
  • 3-D Fractals— come to life in mathematical worlds.

To connect to Minecraft, visit https://help.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/articles/360035131391-How-do-I-play-multiplayer- by the use of three different consoles: Xbox, PlayStation 4, and Switch. All consoles have parental controls.

Image courtesy of www.minecraft.net