One Augusta Mom is Managing Screen Time Without the Drama

We all need breaks. Sometimes, we need them more times than others. The Digital Age has taught growing kids (ones soon to be adults) that hours in front a screen is a 21st Century rite of passage. It is not unusual to watch kids meet in groups with phones out and fingers tapping—the social language of “device speaking”. Heads down, eyes glued, mouths closed… digital communication. There are guidelines given by the American Association of Pediatricians for parents regarding recommendations before the social and emotional well-being of a child starts to unravel.

If you’re a mom, I bet you have experienced the eye roll, head turn or rotten attitude of your child when asked to give phones or screens a break. It can be challenging at the very least to manage the time without losing your mind or patience with your kiddos.

So, can the two sides meet?

Thankfully, one Augusta mom believes they can. She created an app made for managing screen time without losing the battle ground. Brain Break was created by Jennifer Flagge to help combat the constant battle of screen time and to provide a new way to use the same devices to stretch and grow children. Brain Break is a parental control educational app that allows parents to lock/unlock kid’s phones, set screen time allowances, block dangerous apps and provide educational breaks for kids when they are on the phone. The personalized dashboard allows parents to see exactly how much time their young ones are spending on the phone.