We have reached Thanksgiving 2020!! The winter months are full of family traditions and giving thanks which is sure to bring familiar appreciation for what is comfortable. Let’s face it, there is little that has been comfortable or familiar in the last eight months of life. Yet, this year’s holidays may carry added perspective. Giving thanks this year probably holds some different values than it did last year. Augusta Family’s contributing writer, Dr. Dana Harris, points out some of these subtler values in The ABCs of Connecting in the Pandemic Holiday Season through encouraging reminders based on positivity and kindness. Karen Gordon’s Mom to Mom reflects how caring for a garden is a lot like caring for a city—or each other—where the seeds of consistency, stick-to-itiveness and dependability produce a good harvest. The Smart Mom’s Guide reminds readers to be thankful that healthy eating over the holidays is possible with keen planning.

We hope our traditional toy guide ushers in anticipation of next month’s Yuletide holiday. This year’s guide includes a Global Feast Cookbook with 44 kid-friendly recipes from around the world, a 360º miniature home playset, a KidZoom® Creator Cam, BUILDZI’s block-building game and many more items. And, while local events are not back in full swing, we are seeing an increase in safe gatherings around town. That is promising! Be sure to visit our website for more winter calendar updates.

When I became editor of Augusta Family magazine last August, I anticipated a year ahead full of creativity, new relationships and interesting information about the city I live in. Those expectations were met through many great experiences. Today, I am grateful for the opportunity to have continued to work under different conditions, writing and managing this wonderful magazine from home over the past several months. My post at the magazine is such a gift to me, and it is one that I will count when giving thanks this holiday season.

Happy All Things Holiday!

Aimee Serafin

Photo by Randy Pace