Crimson. Goldenrod. Burnt Orange. Chestnut Brown. The shades of fall are as identifiable as the harvest foods at this time of year. They are reminders that there comes with autumn a natural easing of the earth, yet, not without one latent explosion of color before the ground goes dormant for winter. 

If spring is a time of new beginnings, then fall echoes a season of letting go. Like the towering oak and pine tree that drop leaves and needles, we find ourselves in a similar season of shedding. We are giving up old systems and standards and searching for new ways of adjusting to our current circumstances. From school to athletics to work, we are leaning less on the previously established and familiar models.

The articles for October’s teen issue of Augusta Family magazine reflect how life right now requires different lenses. In Readjusting in the Restart, Charmain Brackett describes what practice and competition look like for local student-athletes and coaches, including a side note on recruitment. Smart Mom’s Guide tackles the always relevant and mostly imminent teenage break-up with ways to guide students through this emotional challenge. Safe Kids shares tips on teen driving safety and the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety provided their teen-driver agreement as a tear-out resource for our readers. The sensitive topic of HPV vaccination is framed with objectivity, candor and data from Dr. Jennifer Drake, a mom and pediatrician, who understands the discomfort surrounding this “elephant in the room” conversation.  

The teen years are a time of shedding, too. We, as parents, watch our young, innocent children grow into unique and beautiful adults. It is a season of letting go and letting them become individuals who add intrinsic value to their local community. Life will always bring change and challenges— but with them are opportunities for grace, patience and the anticipation of a new harvest. 

Aimee Serafin
[email protected]

Photo by Randy Pace