I grew up in a home where arts and sports went together like spaghetti and meatballs. My mother was trained in classical ballet and my father was an ABA (the American Basketball Association later renamed the NBA) referee for more than 10 years. My grandfather was a National Baseball league umpire.

I remember starting ballet classes around age 8 and dribbling my first basketball in 4th grade. I continued both interests in middle and high school along with singing chorus and playing piano. Luckily, my parents never spoke of art and sports in separate circles, so I grew up with an understanding of the unique differences and diligent training each discipline requires. Learning both had personal advantages.

Modern research of art and sports shows enhanced coordination and cognitive function among those advantages. That is why we thought the theme of Arts and Sports for this issue of Augusta Family is of interest, particularly as we enter the academic re-enrollment season and gear up for spring sports. This issue explains the ways that art and music round out the whole child and how the public, private and magnet schools are helping provide options for families with artistic and athletic kids. We also share tips to avoid burnout for the shuttle heroes—those busy moms and dads who shuttle their kids to after-to-school activities every day of the week.

Along with the theme, you will see some fresh content changes to our magazine for 2021. Shortened articles, colorful graphics, and quick information for on-the-go readers are what’s new in Tidbits, The Hurried [and Happy] Homemaker and Family Matters. Young readers can look forward to coloring pages, riddles of the day, learning fun historical facts and searching for the sneaky Family Man hiding out in the magazine. Each issue still includes our resourceful calendar and young student feature, the Modern Perspective.

We rolled up our sleeves to create a fresh editorial look for 2021 as something to look forward to from 2020. We hope you find these collective changes in the Augusta Family magazine refreshing, fun, informative and inspiring for the year ahead.

Here’s to hope in the future!

Aimee Serafin
[email protected]