Spring is nature’s way of saying “Let’s Party!” —Robin Williams

Forsythia, Lady Banks roses, Japanese tulip magnolias, Snowball viburnum, and of course the prolific azaleas…. We could list pages of the springtime beauty that Augusta affords her locals and special guests at this time of year. Her flowers are both bold and conversational, stately and demure. I enjoy seeing new tulips popping up in vibrant colors at Augusta University’s Summerville campus as well as varieties of crimson, white, and blush camellias throughout my neighborhood. There is no loss of translation in the unfolding scene: Augusta wears her springtime like a red-carpet fashion statement.

Arriving with the change of season are two natural inclinations— a desire to declutter and a chance at new beginnings. As daytime hours lengthen, we find more time to be outside on walks, take bike rides or work in the garden. With these thoughts in mind, we have woven together ideas of organizing, garden planting and outside living into this month’s issue of Augusta Family. There are tips on getting the kids involved with straightening out the pantry, toy boxes and artwork in Smart Mom’s Guide by Cammie Jones. In his garden feature, Dustin Turner provides readers with plans on kid-friendly gardening. Ask the Doctor guest writer, Dr. Douglas Nesbit, explains how to manage the outdoors with seasonal allergies, and Richmond County’s Teacher of the Year, Shatara Sims, is the focus of Inspiration Station. Because it is fitting with spring, the Modern Perspective feature showcases a young Augusta homeschooler whose watercolor floral paintings will stir the senses.

Whether ruffled camellias or bright rhubarb stalks, the bounty from winter’s ground reminds us of the earth’s resiliency. Whatever projects, goals, gardens or simple hobbies you choose to start this spring, I hope the learning process shows off your resiliency. And may it bring you many new blooms to hold!


Aimee Serafin aimee.serafin@augustafamily.com

This article appears in the March 2020 issue of Augusta Family Magazine. Did you like what you read here?