Looking through the photos Augusta Family magazine’s photographer, Randy Pace, took during this month’s cover shoot made me realize a few things. First, bubbles scream fun. For our cover subject, Ryan Dial, age 2, and his siblings they signified a change from the tedious work of posing and smiling for the camera. It was a welcomed time to relax and usher in the amusement of chasing translucent spheres through the air. The beneficial break garnered some candid shots of the afternoon in the park and we used several in the following pages of this issue.

The bubbles in the photos signify something else important to the day: the absence of masks. Yes, face coverings are on a downward trend thanks to three US biotech/pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, healthcare administrators and vaccination sites across the city. I’ve wondered over the past 18 months when this reality would come into view. Now, I have a lasting memory of the moment. It looks like any regular day glancing at members of the Dial family in the background and it is so good to see kids being kids, blowing bubbles, no facemasks required.

We hope the June/July issue of Augusta Family magazine captures a few of the same sentiments in familiar routines and summer fun. The graduation section, our special needs guide and thematic articles in between provide content that links us back to a sense of normalcy. The special needs issue is consistently published midsummer and remains the best publication resource for families with special needs. Our 2021 graduation section reflects the anticipation that students will have as they head out to a typical college experience in the fall. Students from across the region shared their plans with us and they include everything from business aspirations to studies in medicine and continuing education in musical performance. We share information on summer reading programs around town and Dustin Turner’s feature, Default to Love, is moving and authentic.

This issue mirrors other midsummer issues of Augusta Family magazine that have contained insightful content, rich resources and regular happenings around town. But this year’s copy has one difference: the evidence of familiar experiences is 100 times more appreciated.

Hats off to the growing list of things getting back to normal!

Aimee Serafin