“…and the greatest (of these) is love.”

We have arrived in February. It is the month where romantic movies trump action flicks and French cuisine replaces grub-hub pizza deliveries. Yes, February 14th is the most popular day of the year when couples and singles in love get to express their inner romance to one another.

Onboarding these sentiments at Augusta Family Magazine is Dr. Dana Harris’ article about heart-to-heart connections and promoting connectivity with your children. She cites some great insight for raising communicative young adults. Since February is also the birthday issue, Cammie gives readers details about etiquette regarding birthday invitations, budgeting and timing. The Augusta Family Magazine Party Guide is fantastic for finding information on the best places in the region to host memorable birthday parties. You’ll want to be sure to check it out along with the always-resourceful calendar.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in different ways across the world. Whether chocolates, spoons, pinned names on sleeves or fresh flowers, we all can express our affections for those we cherish. And while purchased items are nice, the greatest gift we give is love for one another. 

A Valentine’s Day Worldview


• Valentine’s Day in Japan has loved ones giving each other their confections of affection.

• The small village of St. Valentin in central France celebrates the day with the annual Lovers’ Garden Festival and thousands of fresh blooms and floral arrangements.

• Women in South Africa pin the name of their crush on their sleeves to declare to the world who they love.

• The custom of carving an ornate spoon by young men as a gift for the girl they love originated in Wales and dates back to the 17th century. If the girl accepts the love-spoon, a relationship ensues.


Aimee Serafin

This article appears in the February 2020 issue of Augusta Family Magazine.
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