By Ashlee Duren

It is rare that I write anything for Augusta Family. Since taking the helm in June 2015, I have been blessed with two very capable editors for this publication. It is with a heavy heart that I write the column this month on behalf of our editor, Renee Williams. Renee has recently suffered a tragic loss. Her oldest son, Zakkary, lost his life on September 16 as the result of injuries he sustained in a car accident.

As a parent, the loss of a child is my greatest fear. A loss that quite simply is unimaginable. For those of you who have gotten to know Renee through her column during the last year, you know her sons are her world. Both of her sons were involved in the accident, Dylan, her younger son, survived with minor injuries.

A brilliant musician and talented guitar player, Zakkary was a blessing to all who knew him. I never had the pleasure of meeting him, but felt like I knew him through Renee. A kind, loving, intelligent young man with a deep love of life, family and music.

Renee is doing as well as can be expected. She is finding comfort in knowing that Zakk lives on. He was an organ donor. His final gift here on earth will give someone else the chance at life.

We are truly a family here at Augusta Family. Our hearts are broken for Renee and Dylan. As a Christian, I believe that Zakk is now with the Lord and will continue to watch over his family and that one day, they will be reunited. Until then, Renee will need the support of her family and friends.

In the coming weeks and months, please keep Renee and her family in your thoughts and prayers.


Ashlee Duren


This article appears in the October 2017 issue of Augusta Family Magazine.
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