By Karin Calloway


This is the first issue since the New Year, and I’m happy to tell you that there’s a whole lot of “new” in this issue of Augusta Family Magazine. You may have already clued into that fact when you picked up this issue of the magazine.

While I promised some tweaking of the design of the magazine in my December/January column, once we got started we just couldn’t stop! This new work of art you hold in your hands (or are enjoying digitally) has been completely overhauled by Creative Director Shirley Bass. 

We’re also welcoming a new column to our pages. Educator, writer, military wife and mom, Meredith Flory, will write about Raising Readers in each issue. This month, on page 20, she delves into how parents can use books and stories to teach their children empathy. 

If you’ll turn to page 11, you’ll notice not only a redesign of the News&Notes department, but the addition of two new sections: Mommy Minute and Are We There Yet? Mommy Minute will offer ideas to help moms find some “me” time, even it it’s just for a few minutes. In Are We There Yet? our frequent contributor Mary Ashton Mills will offer ideas for family road trips. The parameters are simple: No more than four hours in the car each way to destinations that promote family togetherness, fun and sometimes educational experiences.

My family is in the midst of a new season as well. While I write this, my oldest child, Tripp, is packing his things to move to Atlanta to begin his first “real” job. I remember very well the excitement and anxiousness I felt before my first day at work at The Augusta Chronicle—my first “real” job after graduating from college, marrying and moving to Augusta at age 22. Working as a feature writer in a very busy, noisy newsroom was exciting, although I worried that I might not perform up to expectations. Fortunately, things worked out well and I’ve worked on and off with the company, Morris Communications—which helped launch my journalism career back in 1985—ever since.

Like my career, while things change—like magazine redesigns and new columns—lots stays the same (like my working for the company I began with 30 years ago). What remains the same in the magazine is you’ll still find each issue packed with information and well-written features. 

I truly hope you love our new look as much as we do! 

Until March,


This article appears in the February 2016 issue of Augusta Family Magazine.
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